Coordination of INEC door to door sensitization in the southern senatorial district of Adamawa State

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has intensified efforts geared towards enlightening the electorates by educating them on the electoral processes to prepare them ahead of the forthcoming general elections and so, approved the implementation of Door to Door Grassroots Sensitization by Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Community Based Associations (CBAs) and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) in the 774 Local Government Areas of the Country that was appointed by the Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) across the country.

To that effect, the Commission appointed Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement and Health Initiative (WYEAHI) to coordinate and supervise the activities of the organizations in the Southern Senatorial District of Adamawa state, Nigeria.

The door to door sensitization was put in place to further enlighten the populace to come out en masse and participate in the electoral activities in order to increase voter turnout, enhance inclusiveness for persons with disabilities (PWD) and also encourage the women folk to participate actively in the general elections.


The Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement and Health Initiative (WYEAHI) on the 14th and 15th of February 2019 went on a supervisory tour to the Local Government Areas in the South Senatorial District of the state to coordinate and supervise the activities of the selected Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) that conducted the door to door campaign for enhanced participation in the 2019 general elections. The organizations supervised by WYEAHI are hereby listed below as follows.

S/No Organization LGA of Posting Name of CEOs Phone Number
1 Hope and Rural Aid Foundation Guyuk Galaxy Thani 08036754655
2 CAN Youth Wing Numan Robert Gajere 08065778577
3 Against All Odds Foundation Shelleng Sarah Jackson 09091001328
4 Generational Youth Foundation Lamurde Jimmy Wusa Alfred 09066338144
5 Dream Alive Women and Orphans Support Foundation (DAWOS Foundation) Jada Aishatu Gidado Hamman 08062661443
6 Global Palliative Care, Education and Development Initiative Mayo-belwa Mohammed Bashiru Adamu 08033056485
7 CISCOPE Ganye Naklo D. Nzomisaki 07069022276
8 Destitute Children in Education and Health Initiative Demsa Saad Usman 08036020001
9 NCWS Toungo Hogla P. Agiso 08062093110

The selected NGOs, CSOs, and FBOs called on the people in the communities of Guyuk, Numan, Shelleng, Lamurde, Jada, Mayo-belwa, Ganye, Demsa and Toungo to shun electoral violence, vote buying and selling and other forms of malpractices in the 2019 general elections because any kind of electoral malpractice perpetuated in the elections would have serious consequences on the nation’s democracy.  They went on to tell the electorates in these communities that the door to door sensitization was set up because a proper education and awareness of the electorates and all participants in the electoral process is a fundamental need for the overall success of the exercise. They further appealed to the people to shun voter apathy and participate actively in the electoral process to deepen the gains of the nation’s experience.

They specially addressed the parents especially the women to call their children and order them to stay away from electoral violence in the name of thuggery, because being a political thug is disastrous to the perpetrator and the family.

They also called on the People with Disabilities (PWD) to come out in their numbers to exercise their civic rights and make their vote count.

The CSOs went further to distribute Voter Education materials also known as Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials provided by INEC to the electorates and also pasted some at public places. WYEAHI ensured uniformity in the message delivered by the CSOs, NGOs and FBOs supervised by her.