WYEAHI shall organize sensitization workshop/training on the important of accessing good health care services which focuses on quality maternal, neonatal and child health and will also work for the improvement of quality and utilization of these services by age bearing women. The important of nutrition, environmental and personal hygiene and also promote the use of treated mosquito net for the prevention of malaria.


      WYEAHI shall organize workshop/training on prevention of HIV/AIDS, STIs, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other related infectious diseases to target groups. The Organization will advocate for positive Health Dignity Planning (PHDP) among PLHIVs to enable them live a positive life.

      CARE AND SUPPORT – WYEAHI shall work towards providing comprehensive Care and Support that will bring relief to the families and communities who are infected and affected by HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and other related infectious diseases in loving and compassionate way and mitigate the scourge of these infections among these two key groups and beyond to give hope to the hopeless. In the following manner: Provision of soft loans to PLHIVs, Provision of Nutritional Materials to OVCs and PLHIVs, Payment of OVCs School Fees, just to mention a few.


      Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement & Health Initiative shall organize workshop/training on the mobilization and mass participation for peaceful democracy in Nigeria and the benefits of peace among women and youth towards a free and Democratic society.The mobilization of women and youth towards a free and Democratic society involves the following:

      • Saying bye to political apathy by full participation to be able to elect good leaders
      • Saying no to election malpractice
      • Insisting on free and fair elections
      • Saying no to manipulations on grounds of ethnic, religious and sectional differences for selfish interest
      • Refusing to be used as an agent of violence by being Vanguard for peace
      • Refusing to sell their vote, but use to choose good leaders
      • Saying no to some unjust Traditions and Practices especially against women participation in Government Affairs
      • Saying no to corruption and mismanagement of our resources by some leaders, just to mention a few.

      The Organization shall work toward organizing training/workshops to promote effective conflict management t to these two key groups. Considering in mind, where there is conflict no meaningful development can be achieved.


      Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement & Health Initiative shall work toward establishment of innovative and creative sources of economic and sustainable development among these two key groups.

By way of  conclusion, women and youth will be enlighten to take good care of their health, empowered fully to develop themselves and participate positively in Governance.