1. WOMEN: refers to all women including child bearing women who are the majority. Where women are mentioned children become very vital.
  2. YOUTH: means young people between the ages of 18 to 40 years. These age grades of young men and women have certain qualities which make them stand out in the population of any given society. They are also more critical in their society than other age groups and are full of vibrant ambition and ideas. The men and women who belong to this youth’s age bracket are primarily responsible for the difficult work. The recognition of the importance of youths to the community is also accompanied by moral responsibility of the elders towards them. Elders usually make sure that youths are properly trained culturally and in the skills necessary for them to fulfill their roles.
  3. Children and Youth: WYEAHI will join other non-governmental organization (NGO’s) to impact proper life skill education to children and youth in the society. The organization shall fight against women/child trafficking and all forms of child abuse.