1. Advocacy and focus group discussions/interactive sessions, inter-personal communication among stakeholders, community leaders, religious groups, and policy makers to ensure participatory programming at all levels.
  2. Design production and distribution of information, education and communication materials/behavioral change and communication materials
  3. Capacity building which include: training, seminars & workshops, (peer group educators training).
  4. Entertainment, which include: drama, role-play music, and video playback.
  5. Research/documentation and resource library on reproductive health, nutritional materials, environmental and personal hygiene.
  6. Establishment of innovative and creative sources of economic and sustainable development.
  7. Establishment of linkages and foster relationship/co-operation among faith based organizations (FBO’s), community based organizations (CBO’s) and Non-Governmental organizations (NGO’s).
  8. To conduct participatory monitoring and evaluation at all level.
  9. Paper presentation during religious convention to women and youth e.g. ZME and FOMWAN among others.